Percussion on the Original Songs (Sampled Songs) / New Songs

Original Artist/Group Album NameSampled Song   New Song     New Artist/Group
Anita Baker
No One in the World (1986) was sampled in
Album - RaptureAnita by Brisco (2010)
Sweet Love (1986) was sampled in
Tell Me by Toni Braxton (2002)
Hoe Cakes by MF Doom (2004)
Belinda CarlisleThink Good Thoughts by Drake feat. Phonte and Elzhi (2007)
Heaven Is a Place on Earth (1987) was sampled in
Album - Heaven on EarthHalcyon [Live] by Orbital (1996)
Cripplefight by Droon (2004)
Down for the Count by Girl Talk (2010)
I Wanna Be Rich (1989) was sampled in
Album – All The Way- Get Paid by All City (1998)
- Give and Go by Girl Talk (2006)
Chaka Khan
Ain’t Nobody (1983) was sampled in
Album – Stompin’ at the Savoy- Last Night by Kid 'N Play (1988)
- Ain't Nobody Better by Yo-Yo (1991)
- Ain't Nobody by LL Cool J (1996)
- Body Angels by For the Floorz (2002)
- Not Your Average Joe by DJ Kay Slay, Joe Budden, Fat Joe and Joe (2004)
Reasons (Saturday Night) by Faithless (2005)
Subbuteo by JME (2006)
- Nobody Better by Snoop Dogg (2008)
- Love Love Love by Low Motion Disco (2008)
CommodoresStarlight by Alexandra Burke (2010)
Painted Picture (1982) was sampled in
Album – All The Great HitsYou're My Painted Picture by Eric B. (1995)
Album – NightshiftNightshift (1985) was sampled in
Ghost Deini by Ghostface Killah (2000)
Night Shift by Freeway feat. Memphis Bleek (2003)
Stay With Me (1983) was sampled in
Album – In a Special WayBilly by Kid Capri (1991)
- Big Trax by J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. (1992)
Stay With Me (1983) was sampled in
- Billy by Kid Capri (1991)
- Big Trax by J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. (1992)
- Don't Go by Mary J. Blige (1994)
- One More Chance (Remix) by The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Faith Evans (1994)
- MVP by Big L (1995)
- Safe Sex, No Freaks by Funkmaster Flex and The Ghetto Celebs (1995)
- Don't Take Your Love Away by Sa Deuce (1996)
- Hataz by Havoc & Prodeje (1997)
Finally Made It by Mr. Iroc (2000)
Ifiwouldaknew by Musiq Soulchild (2002)
Foolish by Ashanti (2002)
Don't Go by Deitrick Haddon (2006)
- I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Remix) by Mariah Carey feat. T.I. (2008)
Album – Rhythm of the NightRhythm of the Night (1985) was sampled in
- Don't Stop by Girl Talk (2008)
Deniece Williams
We Have Love for You (1977) was sampled in
Album – Song BirdRemember Them Days by Beanie Sigel feat. Eve (2000)
Diana Ross
Missing You by Diana Ross (1984) was sampled in
Album – Swept AwayMiss U by The Notorious B.I.G. (1997)
Gangstas Need Love by Master P feat. Silkk the Shocker (1997)
Law Library Pt. 3 by Papoose (2006)
I Miss You by Webbie feat. LeToya Luckett (2008)
Missin' You by T-Pain feat. Khrys Lawson (2009)
Trick'n by Mullage (2009)
All of You (1984) was sampled in with Julio Iglesias (also on  album  1100 Bel Air Place)
Dionne Warwick- Ahead of the Game by Guru and Krumb Snatcha (2005)
That's What Friends Are For (1985) was sampled in
Album – FriendsDrugs and Alcohol by Martin Lawrence (1994)
Donna Summer
(If It) Hurts Just a Little (1982) was sampled in
Album – Donna SummerCassius 1999 by Cassius (1999)
Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger) (1982) was sampled in
ExtremeFigga Trigga by The Tabledancers (2004)
More Than Words (1990) was sampled in
Single- I Never Told You by Flip Da Scrip (1997)
George Benson
Give Me the Night (1980) was sampled in
Album – Give Me the Night- Je Danse Le Mia (Le Terrible Funk Remix) by IAM (1994)
- This Is Your Night by Heavy D & the Boyz (1994)
- Going Down (Ray's Theme) by Extra Prolific (1996)
Bartender (Manny Faces Remix) by T-Pain feat. Akon (2007)
Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been) by Kanye West, Nas & KRS-One (2007)
Daddy-O - "Kid Capri"
Heavy D - "Give Me the Night"
I Am - "Je Danse Le Mia"
Ideal J - "Lavie Est Brutale"
Monte Luv & DJ Rob - "Silk Smooth"
R Can- "Twister"
Love X Love (1980) was sampled in
George DukeVibe by Zhané (1994)
Overture (1983) was sampled in
Album – Guadian of the LightTake Me Higher by Jonni Black feat. Shena (2010)
Gloria Gaynor
I Will Survive (1978) was sampled in
Love to Hate You by Erasure (1991)
Album - Love TracksRaise Me (Eon's Ascension Mix) by Bizarre Inc (1991)
Release Yo' Delf by Method Man (1994)
Supreme by Robbie Williams (2000)
Back From Outta Space by Mirabeau (2004)
Survive by Sunloverz feat. Nicole Tyler (2007)
Willie Bounce by Elephant Man (2008)
Hush Hush; Hush Hush by Pussycat Dolls (2008)
- Oн рядом (On Ryadom) by Quest Pistols (2009)
- Enter the Scope by Charles Hamilton (2009)
- Theme to Vizzy Zone by XV (2010)
James Ingram- Game Over by  Scarface ft Too $hort, Ice Cube & Dr. Dre
Yah Mo B There (1983) was sampled in
Album – It’s Your NightRunning by Chase & Status (2008)
Jennifer Warnes
Joe Cocker
Up Where We Belong (1982) was sampled in
White Man'z World by 2Pac (1996)
FilmElephant Love Medley by Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Jamie Allen (2001)
An Officer & A Gentleman
Album – Best of Joe Cocker
Jennifer Warnes
(I've Had) the Time of My Life (1987) was sampled in
Film – Dirty DancingThe Time (Dirty Bit) by Black Eyed Peas (2010)
Joe Sample
In All My Wildest Dreams (1978) was sampled in
Album – Rainbow SeekerWRMS: Cat's in Control by De La Soul (1991)
WRMS' Dedication to the Bitty by De La Soul (1991)
Africa's Inside Me by Arrested Development (1994)
Dear Mama by 2Pac (1995)
I Will Go by Anthony Hamilton (1995)
No More Games by Skin Deep feat. Lil' Kim (1996)
Burnin' Hot by Tha Mexakinz (1996)
Westside by TQ (1998)
Méfie-Toi by ATK (1998)
- Keep on Lovin' (Remix) by Dave Hollister feat. AZ (2000)
- Idiot Gear by Louis Logic (2003)
- What's Good by Toni Braxton (2005)
Melodies of Love (1978) was sampled in
Plus D'Feeling by Rocé (20
Fly with the Wings of Love (1978)  was sampled in
 - Mad Skillz - "VA in the house"
Rainbow Seeker (1978)  was sampled in
Julio Iglesias / Diana RossJamal-Ski - "Jump, Spread Out"
All of You (1984) was sampled in
Album – 1100 Bel Air PlaceAhead of the Game by Guru and Krumb Snatcha (2005)
Peach by Louis La Roche
Kenny Loggins
This Is It (1979) was sampled in
Album – Keep the FireWe Will Survive by Nas (1999)
Charades Part 1 by Papoose (2006)
Declaration (This is It!) by Kirk Franklin (2007)
Album – The Essential Kenny Loggins Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Greatest Hits of KennyFootloose (1984) was sampled in
Hooked on Polkas by "Weird Al" Yankovic (1985)
Still Here by Girl Talk (2008)
Les McCann
Vallarta (1977) was sampled in
Album – Music Lets Me BeTen Crack Commandments by The Notorious B.I.G. (1997)
Someone by SWV ft Puff Daddy  ( sampled Ten Crak Commandments)
Linda Williams
Elevate Our Minds (1979) was sampled in
Album – City LivingGet Closer by Ben Westbeech (2007)
Lionel Richie
All Night Long (All Night) (1983) was sampled in
Album – Can’t Slow DownThe Globe by Big Audio Dynamite II (1991)
Cry India by Umboza (1995)
Ruby Rap by Chris Tucker (1997)
Fuego by The Cheetah Girls (2007)
I Like It by Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull (2010)
Hello (1983) was sampled in
TV Girl Part II by Minamina Goodsong (2001)
- Dogg Azz N**** by Frayser Boy (2003)
- A Paw in My Face by The Field (2007)
- Love Will Find a Way (1983) was sampled in
- I Don't Like to Dream About Getting Paid by Tha Dogg Pound feat. Nate Dogg (1995)
Mackin' Ain't Easy by Kris Kross (1996)
- Penny Lover (1983) was sampled in
- All I Got Is You Pt. 2 by Raekwon (1999)
Running With the Night (1983) was sampled in
- Push Up on Me by Rihanna (2007)
Album – Dancing On The CeilingSay You, Say Me (1985) was sampled in
- Polka Party! by "Weird Al" Yankovic (1986)
Anything by J. Quest feat. Pudgee (1995)
Luther Vandross
Better Love (1982) was sampled in
Album – Forever for Always for Love- No Better Love by Young Gunz feat. Rell (2004)
Promise Me (1982) was sampled in
- Takin Mine by Heather B (1996)
- Closer by Capone-N-Noreaga (1997)
- Mind of a Souljah by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (1997)
- Things I've Been Through by Jadakiss (2009)
- Dream Catcher by Freddie Foxxx (2009)
Album – Busy BodyMake Me a Believer (1983) was sampled in
- Six Million Ways to Die by Funkmaster Flex feat. Nine (1993)
- I Wanna Smoke by Gangsta Pat (1995)
Album – The Night I Fell in LoveIf Only for One Night (1985) was sampled in
- Let Me Hold You by Bow Wow feat. Omarion (2005)
- 1 Night by Z-Ro feat. Trae (2005)
Album – Give Me The ReasonSo Amazing (1986) was sampled in
- So Wat Cha Sayin' by EPMD (1989)
- True Love by Lil' Romeo feat. Solange (2002)
La Isla Bonita (1986) was sampled in
Album – True Blue- Isla Del Sol by Yuri (1988)
- Sailor Moon E Il Cristallo Del Cuore by Cristina D'Avena (1994)
- El Paraiso Rico by Deetah (1998)
Spanish Fly by Black Rob feat. Jennifer Lopez (2000)
- Ain't It Funny (Brandnew Extended) by Jennifer Lopez (2001)
- My Harlem Lullaby by Mase (2004)
Album – Like a PrayerLike a Prayer (1989) was sampled in
Mystery 159 by J.F & E (1992)
Like a Dream (Untitled a Side) by DJ KP (1993)
- It's Like a Dream by Dry & Roasted (1994)
- Like a Dream by Bass-D & King Matthew (1996)
- Feels Like a Prayer by Meck feat. Dino (2010)
Michael Jackson
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (1979) was sampled in
- D.J. Style  --  by Mr. Q (1979)
Album – Off the Wall- Big Apple Production Vol. 1   -    by Ser & Duff (1982)
- Def Jam  -    by Jazzy Jay (1985)
- Don't Stop  -- by Left & Right Shoe MC's feat. DJ Rated X (1987)
Nothing Like Hip Hop Music - by Cold City Crew (1987)
- Just Keep Rockin (Robin Albers Mix)  -  by Double Trouble (1989)
Everybody (Rap)   --  by Criminal Element Orchestra feat. Wendell Williams (1990)
- Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man  -  by Public Enemy (1990)
- Doo Doo Brown   - by 2 Hyped Brothers & a Dog (1991)
Cheat on You  -   by  Mase feat. Jay-Z, 112 and Lil' Cease (1997)
Alarma  - by  666 (1998)
- I Got This Feeling   - by Baby Bumps (1999)
Impress the Kid   --  by Slick Rick (1999)
Breathe Don't Stop   --  by Mr. On and Jungle Brothers (2003)
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough  - by Eliess (2006)
Tuxedo Rap  -  by People Under the Stairs (2006)
Spy   --  by Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean (2009)
Black Culture  -  by Beyoncé (2009)
Aceyalone - "B-Boy Kingdom"
Get on the Floor (1979) was sampled in
- Salsa House   -   by Richie Rich (1989)
Permanent Green   -  by Moby (1993)
- Call of the Wild  - by Jeff Mills (1999)
Set Me Free - by Dax Riders (2001)
Just the Way You Like It - by 9 Inch Dix feat. Snoop Dogg, Soopafly and Lil' ½ Dead (2005)
I Can't Help It (1979) was sampled in
- Here We Go Again!   --  by (1992)
Breakadawn   --  by De La Soul (1993)
It's for You   --  by Shanice (1993)
- Summer Nights -  by Impromp2 (1995)
- Can`t Help It - by Royal Flush (1997)
Sexy -  by Mary J. Blige (1999)
You Know That I Love You -  by Donell Jones (2002)
Baby -  by Fabolous feat. Mike Shorey (2004)
Plastic Soul  - by Shy FX (2005)
- Want U to Be -  by Ginuwine (2005)
- North South East West (Buckwild Remix) - by Black Sheep (2007)
- We Were in Love - by Hil St Soul (2008)
Addiction -  by Ryan Leslie feat. Cassie and Fabolous (2009)
It's the Falling in Love (1979) was sampled in
Cry  -- by Swiss (2005)
Love  --   by Louis La Roche (2008)
Off the Wall (1979) was sampled in
- Enjoy Ya Self  -  by Chubb Rock (1991)
Rough Rapps (Remix)   - by 3N (1995)
Junk Boy --  by Kaori 2 Luv (1997)
- Off the Wall (Enjoy Yourself)--   by Wisdome (1999)
Tonight  --   by Sébastien Léger (2000)
- Enjoy Yourself  -   by Soul Avengerz (2004)
Nighttime Maneuvers (Remix)  - by Little Brother (2005)
- I'm That Chick  - by Mariah Carey (2008)
Off the Wall (Original Simioli & Black Mix)  -  by The Black Project feat. Franky S. (2010)
Working Day and Night (1979) was sampled in
Overture   --  by George Duke (1983)
Salsa House - by Ritchie Rich (1989)
Can You Feel Me? - by Will Smith feat. Eve (1999)
Album – ThrillerWanna Be Startin' Somethin' (1982) was sampled in
Warm It Up, Kane - by Big Daddy Kane (1989)
Mama Say  -  by Bloodhound Gang (1995)
- Vibin' (The New Flava Remix) -  by Boyz II Men and Busta Rhymes feat. - Treach, Craig Mack and Method Man (1995)
- Get Funky  -  by Casino (1996)
Feel So Good  - by Mase (1997)
Startin' Somethin'  - by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz feat. Chauncey Black (1998)
Viva!  -   by Makossa Magic (1998)
Macosa - by Outsidaz feat. Eminem (1999)4 Tribes by Organ Donors (2002)
Mama-Kossa - by Back to Basics (2005)
Mama Say Mama Sa  - by The Caramel Club (2006)
Don't Stop the Music  - by Rihanna (2007)
Brooklyn Girls  --   by Charles Hamilton (2008)
Havenhurst Prophet Posse -  by Jib Kidder (2008)
Hands in the Air  - by Girl Talk (2008)
Michael Jackson: Glee! by Mark Douglas (2010)
The Girl Is Mine (1982) was sampled in
The Girl Is Mine  - by Yellowman and Peter Metro (1983)
Fun Day -  by Stevie Wonder (1991)
Shakiyla (JRH)  -  by Poor Righteous Teachers (1991)
Wesoła Bryka -  by Beat Squad (2001)
Good Good - by Ashanti (2008)
Michael Jackson: Glee! by Mark Douglas (2010)
Beat It (1982) was sampled in
Beat It -  by Yellowman (1985)
Be There  - by Omni Trio (1993)
2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)  -  by Michael Jackson (1997)
- We Creep - by Tommy Wright III (2006)
Don't Stop -  by Girl Talk (2008)
Billie Jean (1982) was sampled in
B-Project by Pink Project (1983)
Do It Again - Billie Jean (Medley) - by Club House (1983)
Billie Jean (Valley Style Rap) - by T-Ski Valley (1983)
Superstar  - by Lydia Murdock (1983)
Kaw-Liga -  by The Residents (1986)
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf - by LL Cool J (1991)
Mental Stamina -  by Jeru the Damaja feat. Afu-Ra (1994)
Ghetto Shout Out!!! - by Parris Mitchell (1995)
Got to Give It Up -  by Aaliyah feat. Slick Rick (1996)
Get Funky  - by Casino (1996)
Mackin' Ain't Easy - by Kris Kross (1996)
Work It  - by DJ Funk (1996)
Avenues  -  by Refugee Camp All Stars feat. Pras and Ky-Mani (1997)
Take Your Time  -  by Pete Rock (1998)
Let's Roll  -  by Goldie Loc feat. Snoop Dogg (1999)
- Got Your Money  - by Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis (1999)
Touch 2 Feel   -  by Girl Talk (2003)
The Name of the Game - by Nils Landgren Funk Unit (2004)
Lust   -  by Thomas Schumacher (2006)
Love Stoned (Justice Remix)  -   by Justin Timberlake (2007)
- Don't Touch Me - by Charles Hamilton and DJ Green Lantern (2008)
Billie Jean Dream  -  by LL Cool J (2009)
Goner  - by Ghostface Killah feat. Lloyd (2009)
Rockin' to the Beat  --   by Black Eyed Peas (2009)
Spy  -  by Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean (2009)
Human Nature (1982) was sampled in
Jah Made Them That Way  - by Cocoa Tea (1984)
Right Here (Human Nature Remix)  -  by SWV (1992)
It Ain't Hard to Tell  -  by Nas (1994)
Why, Why  -   by Blackstreet (2003)
I'm in Heaven  -  by U.K.N.Y. feat. Holly James (2003)
My Brother's Keeper  -   by Ying Yang Twins (2005)
So Sick (Remix) -  by Ne-Yo feat. LL Cool J (2006)
- Givin' Me a Rush -   by Tyra B (2007)
The Nature of Humans - by Thavius Beck (2009)
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (1982) was sampled in
All Eyez on Me - by Monica (2002)
PYT   --  by Elesse (2003)
I Wanna Love U - by Memphis Bleek feat. Donell Jones (2003)
Good Life -   by Kanye West feat. T-Pain (2007)
Let Me See You  -  by  Girl Talk (2008)
Album – BadBad (1987) was sampled in
Oreo Jam  -   by Todd 1 (1991)
I'm the Master - by UTFO (1991)
Brand New You're Retro -  by Tricky (1995)Dance Like Michael Jackson by Far East Movement (2008)
The Way You Make Me Feel (1987) was sampled in
Go on Girl - by Roxanne Shanté (1988)
Liberian Girl (1987) was sampled in
Keep On, Keepin' On   --  by MC Lyte feat. Xscape (1996)
Letter 2 My Unborn  -   by 2Pac (2001)
If You Had My Love (Darkchild Master Mix)  -  by Jennifer Lopez (2002)
La Coka Coka  - by Roi Heenok (2007)
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (1987) was sampled in
Je Te Donne Mon Coeur  - by Tribal Jam (1997)
Can't Stop -  by Jason Phats feat. Ben Ofoedu (2008)
Album – The Essential Michael JacksonBlack or White (1991) was sampled in
Dance Like Michael Jackson - by Far East Movement (2008)
Down for the Count -  by Girl Talk (2010)
The Jacksons
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (1978) was sampled in
Album – DestinyIntro Disco -   by Discotheque (1979)
Get on the Dance Floor  -  by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock (1988)
Dance & Shout  -   by Shaggy feat. Pee Wee (2000)
Album – TriumphGive It Up (1980) was sampled in
Addicted to the Game - by Jay-Z (2001)
This Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel) (1980) was sampled in
Heartbreak Hotel   --  by Little Shawn (1987)
Peaceful Journey  --   by Heavy D & the Boyz feat. K-Ci & JoJo (1991)
Quo Funk   - by Quo feat. Brownstone (1995)
You Are the Only One  --   by God's Property feat. Kirk Franklin (1997)
Creep Inn - by Ideal (1999)
Death Riders  -   by C-Bo (2000)
WeFight/WeLove  -  by Q-Tip feat. Raphael Saadiq (2008)
Live Life to the Fullest - by Charles Hamilton feat. Yung Nate (2008)
Lookin' Fly  -  by Redman (2010)
Album – Victory AlbumState of Shock (1984) was sampled in
Hooked on Polkas  --   by "Weird Al" Yankovic (1985)
State of Shock Rapp  - by Future Flash and King MC (1986)
Take It to 'Em  -   by M. Walk and King Saul (1989)
Album – HistoryThey Don't Care About Us (1995) was sampled in
Stadt  -   by Cassandra Steen feat. Adel Tawil (2009)
Bang Bang  -   by DJ Moeskieno and DJ Demoe D feat. Spliff Star and Uncle Murda (2009)
Patrice RushenThey Don't Care -  by Meek Mill and DJ Drama (2010)
Feels So Real (Won't Let Go) (1984) was sampled in
Album – NowWhat'cha Gonna Do? by Shabba Ranks feat. Queen Latifah (1992)
Sexual Playground by Father MC (1995)
You Want It by Whodini (1996)
Disco T-E-C by DJ Honda feat. Camp Lo (1998)
Patti Austin
Do You Love Me (1981) was sampled in
Album – Every HomeDo You Want Me by Pierre De La Touche (2005)
Should Have One
Patti LaBelle
On My Own (1986) was sampled in
Album – Winner in YouThe Way It Used to Be by Journalist feat. Floetry (2001)
Paulinho Da Costa
Love Till the End of Time (1979) was sampled in
Album – Happy PeopleJoints & Jam by Black Eyed Peas (1998)
Philip Bailey
Children of the Ghetto (1984) was sampled in
Album – Chinese WallDzięki by O.S.T.R. (2007)
Pointers Sisters
I'm So Excited (1982) was sampled in
Album – So ExcitedYou Look Marvelous by Billy Crystal (1985)
Cockney Medley by Bill Bailey (2003)
Album - ContactBack in My Arms (1985) was sampled in
I'll Be There by Muttonheads (2005)
Dare Me (1985) was sampled in
Make Your Move by Dave Armstrong (2003)
Stupidisco by Junior Jack (2004)
I Can't Loose by The Phantom's Revenge (2008)
Quincy Jones
Razzamatazz (1981) was sampled in
Album – The DudeRazzmatazz by Drew Sky (1992)
Legend of the Liquid Sword by GZA (2002)
Somethin' Special (1981) was sampled in
Coral Twist by Le Knight Club (1999)
Sometin' Special (1981) was sampled in
No Pod by Wich Tina Mischelle (2004)
The Dude (1981) was sampled in
The Dude by Devin the Dude (1998)
Velas (1981) was sampled in
Waking Up by Nicolette (1991)
Get on Up by Jodeci (1995)
Rod Stewart
Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? (1978) was sampled in
Album – Blondes Have More FunDa Ya Think I'm Sexy? (1979) was sampled in
Intro Disco by Discotheque (1979)
I Love You More by René & Angela (1981)
Ghetto Zone by Insane Clown Posse (1991
Ghetto Zone by I.C.P (1991))
Body and Shape by Mad Lion (1995)
- Cut It Out by Les Savy Fav (1997)
- La De Da De Da De (We Like to Party) by The Outhere Brothers (1997)
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? by N-Trance (1998)
If You Think I'm Jiggy by The Lox (1998)
Truce by Jars of Clay (1998)
Take You There by Sean Kingston (2007)
1-2-3-4 (Don't You Think) by Edu Del Prado (2008)
Sergio Mendez & Brasil ‘77
This Masquerade (1974) was sampled in
Album – Vintage 74Marching On by Pete Rock (2005)
Wear It Out (1979) was sampled in
Album – Changing of the GardSugar Pop by Superfunk (1998)
Big Love by Pete Heller (1999)
All That Kissin' by JohNick (2000)
Teena Marie
Now That I Have You (1980) was sampled in
Album – Lady TFloating by Megan Rochell (2006)
The Brothers Johnson
Stomp (1980) was sampled in
Album – Light Up The NightGroovambar by Le Peuple De L'herbe (2000)
You Make Me Wanna Wiggle (1980) was sampled in
Newjack by Justice (2007)
Album - WinnersI Want You  (1981) was sampled in
Bonafied by O.C.feat. Jay-Z (2001)
The Real Thing (1981) was sampled in
In and Out of My Life (Olav Basoski's Remix) by ATFC feat. OnePhatDeeva (2000)
Feeling It by Le Babar (2009)
Holdin' On by Justin Faust (2010)
The Crusaders
Cosmic Reign (1978) was sampled in
Album - ImagesLyrics (Remix) by A Tribe Called Quest (1994)
Boy Meets World by Erick Sermon (1995)
Covert Action (1978) was sampled in
All in My Mind by Soul for Real (1995)
Album – Street LifeMy Lady (1979) was sampled in
La Fièvre by Suprême NTM (1995)
Life Is Changing by Cricco Castelli (1998)
New Millenium by Topazz (1999)
Street Life (1979) was sampled in
Postin' High by Masta Ace (1990)
Weed Life (Funk Mix) by Rashun and Skeeta Ranks (1996)
Daily Basis by Ranjahz (1996)
Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Remix) by I:Cube (1996)
Street Life by Mic Geronimo feat. Monifah (1997)
Midnight Funk by Demon (1999)
For Every Day That Goes By by DJ Honda (2000)
Streetlife by Class A (2001)
My Life by Chanel (2005)
Street Life by Big Scoob feat. Bakarii, Krizz Kaliko and Txx Will(2009)
Tragicomehdi by DJ Mehdi (2011)
Album – Rhapsody and BluesSoul Shadows (1980) was sampled in
Papa'z Song by 2Pac feat. Wycked and Poppi (1993)
Can I Get a Dollar by Masta Ace (2001)
- Stand a Chance by Damian Marley feat. Yami Bolo and Treach (2001)
Standing by the Window by Precha and Baby J (2007)
The Emotions
Key to My Heart (1977) was sampled in
Album - RejoiceTalk to Me by Mary J. Blige (2007)
To Do List by XV feat. TiRon (2009)
Get With Me by Mannie Fresh feat. Tateeze, Russell Lee and The Show (2009)
A Feeling Is (1977) was sampled in
What Comes Around Goes Around by Biz Markie (1991)
I Got That Feelin' by DJ Quik (1991)
Dipset City by The Diplomats (2007)
Best of My Love (1977) was sampled in
Star Warts by Dickie Goodman (1977)
Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn (1978)
Say No Go by De La Soul (1989)
Brooklyn-Queens by 3rd Bass (1989)
Must Bee the Music (Frisco Disco Mix) by King Bee (1990)
Let the Beat Hit 'Em by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam (1991)
Labyrinth Zone by Masato Nakamura (1991)
Car Hoppers by Positive K (1992)
Best of My Love by C.J. Lewis (1994)
Whutcha Want? by Nine (1995)
Falling for You by Tamia (1997)
My Baby Daddy by B-Rock and the Bizz (1997)
Miller Ball Breakers by Deavid Soul (2000)
Bounce That by Girl Talk (2006)
Give and Go by Girl Talk (2006)
Lights & Music (Boys Noize Remix) by Cut Copy (2008)
Felix & Jarvis’s “Flamethrower Rap”
MC Shy D’s “I Will Go Off (Part 2)”
Positive K’s “Car Hoppers”
Rejoice (1977) was sampled in
Stars by Turntablerocker (2001)
Gotta Find a Way by 213 (2004)
The Isley Brothers
Smooth Sailin' Tonight (1987) was sampled in
Album – Smooth Saillin’Very Special by Grand Puba (1995)
What's Beef? by The Notorious B.I.G. (1997)
The Pointer Sisters
I'm So Excited (1982) was sampled in
Album – So ExcitedYou Look Marvelous by Billy Crystal (1985)
Cockney Medley by Bill Bailey (2003)
Album - ContactDare Me (1985) was sampled in
Make Your Move by Dave Armstrong (2003)
Stupidisco by Junior Jack (2004)
- I Can't Loose by The Phantom's Revenge (2008)
Whitney Houston
Love Will Save the Day (1987) was sampled in
Album - Whitney- Peace and Harmony by Brothers in Rhythm (1990)
Yarbrough & Peoples
Don't Stop the Music (1980) was sampled in
Album – The Two of UsNastee by Kwamé (1992)
- I'm Outstanding by Shaquille O'Neal (1993)
- Smoke With You by Detroit's Most Wanted (1994)
- Pulem by Comando DMC (1994)
- Blowin Up (Don't Stop the Music) by Quo feat. Aaron Hall (1994)
- Let's Do It Again by TLC (1994)
- Throw Your Hands Up by Skillz (2) (1995)
- All Night Long by Common feat. Erykah Badu (1997)
- Don't Stop What You're Doing by Puff Daddy feat. Lil' Kim (1997)
- Froggy Style by Nuttin' Nyce (1997)
- Ain't No Stoppin' by Jagged Edge (1997)
- Tops Drop by Fat Pat (1997)
- Can't Stop the Southland by Brownside (1997)
- Don't Stop the Music by Playa (1998)
- Top's Drop by Fat Pat (1998)
Gangsta Lovin' by Eve feat. Alicia Keys (2002)
Don't the Stop Music by DJ Kay Slay feat. Lil' Flip, E-40 and Lil' Mo (2004)
- World Premier by Rob-O (2007)
Feel Alright by Audio Bullys (2010)
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